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As an IT consultancy, we focus on the whole landscape. ZWC is large enough to have cutting-edge expertise in all our delivery areas, but at the same time small enough to always be able to work in teams with a focus on the best outcome.

We have expertise in system development and IT infrastructure, which complements the RPA delivery perfectly. We work with process mapping, process development, and change management, as important complements to the technical skills to deliver maximum customer benefit. For us, therefore, the most important thing is not to deliver RPA as an independent part. We take care of the entire suite of your critical IT applications.

With us, all customers are equally important – regardless of size, turnover, and market. You do not become just one of the crowd or forgotten because you don’t turn over enough money. You always have a team that is dedicated and competent in the area where your need is. Therefore, as a customer, you can feel secure in always getting the cutting-edge expertise that is needed here and now, there and then.

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We develop and take responsibility for applications and IT environments that must always function, even in high security – classified environments.

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